Upcoming Sale Events FAQ

Hi Siloe Babe! As a Siloe ambassador, your job is to drive sales, create engagements, and promote sales. The more sales you get, the more commission you earn! 

Q: What is the upcoming sales event? 

A: Under Marketing Resources, under the tab Upcoming Sales Events, we'll post and share future Siloe online promotions and sales 


Q: Why do I need to know about future sales and promotions?

A: When you know about future sales coming up, you can share with your followers about the sale. 


Q: Why do I need to tell my followers about future or current sales and promotions?

A: By advertising Siloe sales, you'll drive more customers to the site, hence more sales. This means more commission for you. Be sure to add your main referral link and tell customers to click on it. 


Q: How do I advertise or post about the sale?

A: You can create live videos, stories, cute pictures, or even share Siloe's facebook posts about the sale. You don't have to use your own pictures. For more marketing ideas, click here for Marketing tips!


Q: Is there anything important I need to know when posting about the sale?

A: When you advertise or post about future sales, be sure to tell your followers to click on your main referral link. Discount codes do not combine, therefore you need to share your main referral link and not your discount code. It's important you tell your followers this information so they won't get confused. 


Combined discount codes do not apply! This means when you post or share details about our online sales and discounts, you MUST share your Main referral link in your post. You have to tell your followers to click on the link. Do not share your discount code during a sale or promo. If a customer does not click on your link, you do not earn commission from that sale. This only applies when you share details about Siloe online sales. You can continue to use your Main discount code as long at it's only your discount code and not an online sale.