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"Help Me, I'm Still Single!"

"Help Me, I'm Still Single!"

“Help me! It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and I’m still single!”

I understand your pain girl. If you are like me, you are entering this season of love all on your own. But first, I need to give you a little advice.

Stop it!

Being single on Valentine’s Day is no tragedy. In fact, I would rather embrace this holiday head on as a single lady than be with someone who isn’t right for me for the sake of not being alone. Trust me! Nothing feels more lonelier than being with someone who isn't right for you!

I’m not going to lie though, it’s tough seeing all these ecstatic women clinging to giant white teddy bears and five pounds of heart-shaped chocolate. But you know what? I love me! That’s right! And I need you to love you because you are amazing, beautiful, confident, and radiant all on your own because God made you perfect in His eyes.

You know what girl, forget the cheesy giant teddy bears and overload of calories and sugar. Buy that "Love" graphic tee, and wear it on Valentine's Day as you go out with your best friends. For my taken ladies, wear that "taken" graphic tee proudly as ya'll go out with your wonderful dates! 

Either way ladies, surround yourself with awesome friends! Hang out with us Siloe Girls, and we’ll be sure that you are taken care of!

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