About Us

Jesus told the blind man, "Go wash in the pool of Siloe", which translates to "sent". So he went away and washed and cam back seeing. ~ John 9:7

God told us Siloe Girls he was sending us to bigger places and that's how Siloe started. In 2012, we opened our flagship store located in Batesville, AR with hand-picked fashions. Our second location in Search, AR opened during 2014 and that same year, we launched shopsiloe.com.

Our Collections:

We hand pick every item and try to always fit our customer needs and wants. (when it comes to shopping, every item you want is a need! hehe) Our purchaser is always searching for the newest in trends and the best quality of those trends. She has a college background in fashion design & merchandising, ensuring the best quality and composition of the fabric when choosing all your must have looks! 
Who are the Siloe Girls?
We are a dedicated team of moms, daughters, and friends. We consider us a family who enjoy working hard and providing the best fashion advice, making your shopping experience one to remember. We are available for questions via phone, in-person, and email. We try on garments and shoes to ensure the best description on-line and can really speak to each product when asked. We love what we do and we hope it comes across every time you make a purchase with us!