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Due to the high number of sponsorships and donation requests Siloe receives on a weekly basis, a donation program was put in place to support profit and non profit organizations within budget.

We currently offer two options:

Private Shopping Parties To Raise Money For Organizations.

Siloe will host a private party after hours, or during any time agreed by the two parties.
Siloe will have on schedule at least two stylists that help with the organization of the event and to provide personalized service to the attendees.
Siloe will provide snacks and drinks upon request.
Siloe will also offer a special coupon for attendees so they can save while they help raise money.
Siloe will advertise for the event within our large social media followers, and/or through our text message subscribers, as well as printing material at our local store(s).

The organization will advertise for people to shop at siloe on a certain day(s)/time, by word of mouth, social media, or however you consider is the best option for your organization.
The organization will then receive 10% of our net sales.

This is a good opportunity to raise money with advanced planning, so if you feel this is a good fit for your organization, please send us an email to with the subject line: "Donations Program" and we will be happy to provide you with more information about our program.

Gift Cards for door prizes, raffles, etc.
Siloe will continue to offer $20 gift cards that is within our budget for organizations that are not interested in our other options.

Any organization/individual is responsible to provide Siloe with the appropriate information in a timely manner to support our donations, this could include but is not limited to the following:

-Name of the individual or organization
-Tax ID number (if any)
-Contact information.