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Siloe & KMP has you covered for Senior Pictures

Siloe & KMP has you covered for Senior Pictures

For all my High School girls, aka #SeniorSquad19, (I'm talking to y'all!), we are SO excited about our upcoming event! 

If you're curious what this "event" is about... Keep reading and I'll give you all the fun facts you need to know. 

Siloe is partnering up with the amazing Brandi Schulz, with Key Moments Photography, and we have a full day event planned for our local 2019 Senior Squad! This is our 3rd annual event & we are SO excited!


HAVE FUN & celebrate your Senior year! Your hair will be perfect. Your make-up will be perfect. Your outfits will be to die for! So, let loose, have fun, and take sooo many #BehindTheScene pictures because we can't wait to see the aftermath pictures!!! Tag each picture on your social media with #ShopSiloe and #KeyMomentsPhotography <3 

We will have cosmetologist, Jeri Turner, taking care of our 5 Seniors. She's a complete Beauty Guru and she's local who does amazing work! #HairAndMakeupOnPointCHECK

Each senior will get a 45 minute beauty session, this includes a full face of makeup (who wouldn't love this?), and a complete hair-do! SAY WHAT?! You.Will.Be.Spoiled. OKAYOKAYOKAY

You will each get a 30 minute photo session with the fabulous, one & only, Key Moments Photography. Follow her on Instagram...She's GREAT! 

We will have refreshments & drinks ALL. DAY. LONG. (sign me up?!)

Y'ALL! Food. Drinks. Hair. Make-Up. Clothes. Pictures. All in one day!! A girls' best dream!

The merchandise our Seniors will be modeling are brand new, hand picked by a
Siloe Personal Stylist 
and will not be available for purchase until after our photo shoot. Our stylists will be dressing each Senior from head to toe, suiting your style - including accessories, shoes, outfit, ALL THE WORKS. #SoFancy #ShopSiloe

Oh.... yeah, as if the event could not get any better.. Each senior (YOU, GIRL!) will get to pick 1 free item from the photo-shoot, as a thank you for working with us & Key Moments Photography! >>ONE. FREE. ITEM. FROM. SILOE. *insert allll the heart eyes here*

Don't forget these hashtags - #ShopSiloe, #SeniorSquad19, #SS19 & #KeyMomentsPhotography. Add these on your Senior pictures and your fun behind the scene pictures + videos of this day that's all about you! We'll be featuring you on our social media, as well! 


WHO ARE THE 2019 SENIORS this whole special day is about anyways?!!?


Leanna Van - From Southside High School

Allison Fredricks - From Batesville High School

Lauren McDaniel - From Batesville High School

Brittany Kunke - From Cave City High School

Kayla Mayberry - From Cave City High School


Get excited! We have a full girls day planned just for y'all. We couldn't be more excited to help fancy you up in brand new, never before seen arrivals for your Senior Pictures to capture this time in your life as an upcoming graduate! 


Siloe Girls 

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