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#MySearcy : Final Top 6

#MySearcy : Final Top 6

Searcy, Arkansas made it to the FINAL TOP 6 towns for the Small Business Revolution! Our little town is so excited, blessed, over-joyed, and rallying together to help #MySearcy receive a REVOLUTION! We have until Feb. 18th, 2019 to keep voting for our town. The town with the most votes WINS the revolution!

To help us out, please follow these simple steps:

1). Go to

2). Click: VOTE NOW

3). Choose: Searcy, AR.

That's all! It will ask you to enter your e-mail address, but all in all it takes a few seconds and will help us tremendously! 

You can vote DAILY, from different devices (Cellular Device, Tablet, Desktop/Laptop}, and if you have different email addresses you can vote more than once. 

 As a small business here in Searcy, we feel absolutely blessed to be experiencing this movement and be involved with the community in such a way. "Siloe" started a little over 6 years ago. It all started in downtown Batesville, Arkansas in a big, empty, old car dealership. CRAZY, RIGHT?! 

4 sisters had a dream, to work hard to provide retirement for their mother. That's how SILOE began. & we are oh, so glad it did! 

Back to the car dealership building, we re-modeled and were actually a consignment clothing shop that required alternations before being able to sell the merchandise. To the 4 sisters surprise, this really took off... 

We started adding NEW, Boutique Clothing.

We did more renovations. 

We added a few employees.

We went to full on NEW, Boutique Clothing. 

Due to fast-paced work ethic, it led us to opening another location in Searcy, Arkansas - Black Friday of 2014!

We truly believe that we have what we have because the few Siloe Girls we have all have became family. We are dedicated, goal-oriented, talented, and have a lot to offer!

-We have a full-time buyer, and we feel extremely blessed to say that! She picks top-of-the-line styles and fashion, also at an affordable price.

-We have a full-time photographer. She takes pictures for our social media, blogs, online website, and so much more!

-We have a full-time embroider-est. We have our own t-shirt line, called Siloe Signature Line! She does AMAZING work! We do embroidery and vinyl on blank pieces of merchandise. She has also made some of our window art, like our store hours! 

We have so many talented employees who have quickly became "Siloe Family", and without them, Siloe would not be where it is today.

In conclusion, this little town of Searcy, Arkansas feels extremely thankful for this opportunity and Siloe wanted to show gratidude towards this experience and tell a little bit of our story and how we got to #MySearcy!

Share this blog & let us know what you think in the comments! And please, vote #MySearcy! 

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