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How To Wear Printed Jeans 101

Printed jeans have been around for a long time, but have just recently poked on in to the world of style. We're loving the look, but sometimes styling this fashion statement can definitely be hard. But that's why we're here to help!

Style #1 
We know you love shopping as much as we do. Sometimes you want to get up and look super hot while walking through all the stores, we've been there. This outfit is absolutely perfect for the occasion. Pair your printed jeans (in this case, polka dot) with short booties, and a simple hoodie. Now, we don't mean pull out your Class of '02 hoodie that you got from your ex-boyfriend 12 years ago and try to pair it with these jeans because it's not going to happen. Grab a casual hoodie, still a little bit stylish, and complete the outfit! While shopping and trying on tons of clothes (admit it, we try on everything, we're girls!) you're not going to want to take off a cami, blouse, cardigan, and scarf. Grab a warm/fashionable hoodie, and throw it on. The short booties give the hoodie and printed denim a classy/chic look that you need. 

Style #2 

As girls, we go on a lot of dates (admit it). Of course you want to impress your significant other as much as possible, but sometimes you may not be going to a five star restaurant (which means put down that tight sparkly dress). Printed jeans are the key to making the simplest, warmest outfit perfectly stylish for a low-key date. Pair your printed denim with an oversized sweater, tall riding boots, and maybe even a scarf. As this weather keeps getting colder (looks like we have no choice) you're going to need to stay warm. Tall riding boots lined with fur are perfect for staying warm, and a neutral pair makes the printed denim stand out that much more. Have dark printed denim? Go with black boots and impress your man! 

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