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Kylie Jenner : Get The Look

June 04, 2015

Kylie Jenner usually looks absolutely stunning on the red carpet, but her casual style is to die for! Anywhere from lace crop tops and army boots, to floor-length kimonos and destroyed jeans, she's always dressed to impress. Kylie's recent style outbreak was noticed at Coachella, when she stepped out in high-waisted shorts, a crop top, a floor length cardigan (all white) and BLUE hair (which was gorgeous). Her style is to die for, and she's constantly admired for her ability to constantly change her perfect look, from going grunge one day and boho the next, to stepping out with long blue hair and a short black bob the next day. Kylie has stepping into the spotlight in just a short period of time, being the main "Kardashian" to focus on. So where can you get her perfect casual/up-scale style? Right here at Siloe, of course. We'll cover Kylie's look in a floral crop top, army jacket, destroyed jeans, and stylish jean jacket. And the fun part is, you can be the next Kylie Jenner by shopping right here at Siloe! Check it out!
Kylie's grunge-y style is perfectly executed here. Kylie took a LBD (little black dress) and made it casual with high-top converse, a jean jacket, and minimal jewelry. Get our light-washed jean jacket at  and pair it with your favorite neutral dress or even high-waisted shorts and crop top!
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Here, Kylie is pictured flaunting a body-con floral outfit. She has paired a black floral crop top with a tight skirt for ultimate style. Pair our floral crop top ( with anything from high-waisted shorts or light skinny jeans, to a skirt or even palazzo pants.
Kylie Jenner is known for her ability to take the most simple of fashion pieces and make them bold and bright. Here Kylie took a simple pair of jean shorts and white tee and paired it with unique sandals and an army-style jacket. Get our army jacket ( and pair it with almost any neutral outfit for perfect spring attire.
Kylie is mostly seen strolling through California with a washed out/destroyed pair of skinny jeans with a stylish crop top or tee. Here she is pictured with rolled up/destroyed jeans and a striped crop top, with high-top converse. Pair our skinny jeans ( with a crop top and wedges or sandals for a perfect spring/summer look.

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