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Rompers of Summer '15

Whether you call it a romper, a playsuit, or a onesie, these spring staples cannot be ignored. This one-piece trend has taken over multiple wardrobes, and there's no reason these perfect outfits shouldn't be in your closet right now. Easy to accessorize and super versatile, these spring rompers are too good to pass up. When shopping for a romper, fit is extra important, so here at Siloe we have gathered together our 6 favorite rompers just for you. These floral and neutral rompers will fit you perfectly for any occasion. Whether you're shopping in town or going out on a date, they will fill your every need. It's normal to feel under-dressed in these flirty pieces, so simply pair a cardigan or light kimono over it, and you're good to go! What girl wouldn't want an easy/stylish one-piece to throw on in the warm weather of spring? We know we would!

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