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Hello Siloe Babe! If you're unsure how to promote your discounts and get sales, then you're in the right place. We curated a list of effective marketing tips that'll generate more sales for you!

1. Post your cute Siloe outfits on Facebook with your discount code or referral link. Encourage your followers to shop all new arrivals through your referral link and use their 15% off discount. Be sure to mention what the customer discount code is. (during sale events and promos, use the referral link so both sale and follower discount can combine).

2. Go through and use your marketing resources on your partner page. Click on Marketing Resources, and you'll see different options to post.

3. You can also share online Siloe sale events and Siloe posts without having to share your own picture. We'll share upcoming sales on your Marketing Resource page to prepare you. 

3. Post consistently. You'll get seen more when you post once or twice a week on different social media accounts with your discount code. Be sure to not spam your followers by posting too often. 

4. Post in the mornings or evenings for best audience viewing time. We recommend posting in between 6-8 pm when people are off work. 

5. Take multiple shots of your outfits. Pick your favorites, do close-ups of your outfit, or full body shots when you have a full Siloe outfit. Be sure to consider your lighting, and add a fun or cute filter. Even outfit layouts are cute and popular.

6. Create videos or live stories of your outfits. You can briefly talk about your discount code and where your outfit is from, or you can create fun slow-mo or cute videos with filters. Live videos work best for engagement. 

7. Videos are more likely picked up by the social media algorithms, therefore you'll be seen more. People are watching videos more than ever, so we recommend creating lots of videos and TikToks.

8. Ask your friends and families to share your posts and videos so you can reach more people.  Be sure to tell your friends and families to share your discount code too. 

9. If you're local, come into Siloe Boutique and try on clothes, take pictures, and do video reviews. If you aren't local or can afford new outfits but we see you are active and driving sales, then we'll send you extra discount codes or free clothes for your own use.

10. Always share a link to the website and your discount code. People will more likely buy when they can click the link instead of typing the website out. If you choose not to use your referral link, we recommend sharing this link:  Or you can share your own main referral link that's on your partner page so you can track how many people are clicking on your link. 

Here's an excellent example on instagram here and facebook here



Combined discount codes do not apply! This means when you post or share details about our online sales and discounts, you MUST share your Main referral link in your post. You have to tell your followers to click on the link.

Do not share your discount code during a sale or promo. If a customer does not click on your link, you do not earn commission from that sale.

This rule only applies when you share details about separate Siloe online sales. You can continue to use your Main discount code as long at it's only your discount code and not an online sale. 


We'll constantly be adding new tips and if you have any good marketing tips, let us know and we'll add it to the list!

If you have any questions regarding anything, email us at