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Hi Siloe Babe! Being a Siloe influencer is fun and exciting because you'll learn first-hand events before everybody else. This means you'll get to share exciting news for our customers, which means more sales for you! 

Q: What's are the announcements and events page?

A: Under Announcements & Events on the Marketing Resource page, you'll see upcoming events and news.


Q: What kind of announcements should I expect?

A: You'll be receiving announcements about future shopping events, like our Holiday Open House Event, or our Black Friday deals. Everything important will be listed under announcements.


Q: Why do I need to know about future events?

A: It's important because you can share with your followers about future events and sales. You can encourage them to click on your Main Referral Link so you'll receive credit for any sales they make. 


Q: How often do I need to check Announcements?

A: We encourage you to check your announcement page once a week. And we'll always send out an email about any important events coming up. 


Q: What happens if I miss an important event?

A: No worries! Everything under Marketing Resource, including Announcement, is optional. 


Q: Do I have to participate or share any announcements with my followers?

A: Nope. If you don't wish to share or participate then you don't have to. We highly encourage you so you'll have more chances to earn commission. However we also encourage you to use your own creativity and voice when promoting your discount code. 



Combined discount codes do not apply! This means when you post or share details about our online sales and discounts, you MUST share your Main referral link in your post. You have to tell your followers to click on the link. Do not share your discount code during a sale or promo. If a customer does not click on your link, you do not earn commission from that sale. This only applies when you share details about Siloe online sales. You can continue to use your Main discount code as long at it's only your discount code and not an online sale with another discount.