Siloe Ambassador FAQ


Congrats! You're an official Siloe Babe! As an ambassador you'll be representing Siloe Boutique.  You'll get a one-time use, 25% discount code for you to use and help you get started on your journey. Read all the Q&A below to find your discount code.

Below are all your questions answered regarding rules and policies.


Q: How do I represent Siloe Boutique?

A: You can represent the store in multiple ways! The most common is through social media. Post cute outfits and videos with your referral link or discount code. 


Q: What social medias can I use?

A: You can post your discount code on any social media sites! You can post on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and more. The more stories, posts, and videos you share the better!


Q: What's this discount code for?

A: The discount code on your dashboard is for your friends and families to use They'll get 15% discount off on most items on site!


Q: What's this Main referral link for?

A: This main referral link automatically adds the 15% discount to any order. Instead of sharing your discount code, just share this link for your followers to click. We recommend you use this link more than the code. 


Q: How much do I earn when someone uses my discount code?

A: You'll earn a 5%-10% commission every time before taxes.


Q: What's the marketing resource page for on my partner page?

A: The marketing resource page is very important. When you click on it, you'll see multiple actions (fb posts, etc.) to share your discount code. This makes it easier for you to share your referral link and earn more commission. Just click on each resource to post as you please. These are optional, and we highly encourage you to use your own post and get creative!


Q: Can I use my discount code on myself?

A: Unfortunately you cannot use your discount code on yourself. It's only for your followers, but you'll have opportunities to win discount codes for yourself!


Q: How do I earn discounts?

A: We'll be sharing fun social media challenges for you to win discount codes! 


Q: Where do I see the challenges?

A: On your login page, you'll see new announcements and challenges on your front page. Be sure to watch out for emails too!


Q: What's my partner page for?

A: On your partner page, you'll get access to your discount code, referral link, new orders, commission,  and new announcements and challenges. It's very important you check your login page daily. 


Q: I can't afford to buy new outfits from Siloe, how can I share multiple looks?

A: The fun part of being an ambassador is you don't have to buy new clothes every time! Just come in the shop, tell the front girls you're an ambassador and you'd like to take pictures or videos with multiple outfits, and you can try on and take pictures for your posts! If you need help or tips, let us know!  You can even do positive review videos or posts. 


Q: Do I get any discounts for becoming an ambassador?

A: Yes! You'll get a 25% discount, one-time use, for the site or in-store, to help you start your journey! Check your partner login page, and you'll see your discount code on the main dashboard. We'll be creating challenges for you to earn more discounts!


Q: What if I don't want to be an ambassador anymore?

A: If you decide to quit, just email us at, and we'll delete your account.


Q: Can I post anything as long as I use my discount code?

A: We highly encourage you only use Siloe outfits or pieces and keep your posts and videos appropriate and tasteful. If we see your posts or videos are inappropriate and against Siloe's image, we will immediately delete your account.



Q: How do I get paid?

A: We will pay using PayPal. If there is a problem where you can't use PayPal, email us and we'll figure something out for you! You can also receive store credit and you can generate your own code 


Q: When do I get paid?

A: You'll get paid every 30-35 days after each sale made. So if a customer buys an item with your code, you'll receive payments from that sale 30-35 days later, or after the return period.


Q: Can I lost my commission?

A: The only way you'll lose commission is if a customer returns an item, bought with your code or referral link, within the return period. You'll lose the commission from that sale. 



Combined discount codes do not apply! This means when you post or share details about our online sales and discounts, you MUST share your Main referral link in your post.

You have to tell your followers to click on the link. Do not share your discount code during a sale or promo.

\If a customer does not click on your link, you do not earn commission from that sale.

This rule only applies when you share details about Siloe online sales. You can continue to use your Main discount code as long at it's only your discount code and not an online sale. 


We hope this answers all your questions! If you have anymore, email us at 



click here to login your dashboard and access your discount code!