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5 Ways To Wear Your Piko

5 Ways To Wear Your Piko

We are feeling particularly inspired by Piko this month. Maybe it's because of the warmer weather or maybe it's because we finally realize how much of an essential our favorite Piko top is. Whatever the reason, we felt an absolute need to share with you the many ways to wear your Piko top. The versatility of the top can be utilized during the hottest summer days or even the coldest December nights (check out HERE for Fall ideas). The best part about these 5 different ways, is that it looks as great as it feels. These short-sleeved Piko tops are extremely comfortable, making it easy to wear in the warmer months. Enjoy!

1. Tie On The Side
This is our FAVE way to wear our Piko top, and it may become your favorite too. Being one of the most recognizable trends this summer, you will want to start tying up all your Pikos before you start your day. Your Piko top can be tied up on either side, leaving the fabric in good condition and its original shape. One of our favorite things about tying up your Piko top is that it can be worn classy or edgy. Pair up your favorite Piko top with a maxi skirt and wedges to wear to any of your classy summer events. Pair the tied up Piko top with your cutoffs and a boho headband for an everyday summer look. 
2. Pair With Leggings
Whether you have new capri leggings or you pull out your old winter leggings, a Piko top is the best way to make the ensemble good-as-new. We have found it difficult to style leggings for summer, but this seems to top the charts. Throw together your favorite printed leggings and a simple Piko top for the warmer weather. Pair with wedges and a statement necklace for all your summer events, or pair with sandals and a fedora hat for casual window shopping. The long length of the Piko tops make perfect for pairing with leggings, staying ladylike and classy. 
3. Tie In The Back
For a touch of effortless summer glamour, tie your Piko top in the back and leave your worries behind you. This unique way to wear your Piko top is new and definitely flirty. For summer days spent running around with friends, this is the perfect way to say "Summer is too short to worry about what to wear, so I threw this on and tied it up!" Pair this with your favorite jean cutoffs, some sunnies, and maybe even your boyfriends ball cap. Give this trend a try and expect wonderful results. 
4. Paired Up With An Accessory
Sometimes we find ourselves standing in the mirror with our favorite jeggings, wedges, and Piko top, and we still feel like something is missing. We have learned that pairing your Piko top with a statement necklace will take that "simple" feel away from a glamorous outfit. For summer, pair your neutral Piko tops with the brightest statement necklace you can find. Summer is all about sunshine, and you should be too. Throw on your new Piko ensemble and head outside to show it off! Dangly / Fringe accessories go great with the width and length of the essential Piko tops. (Hint : Try other accessories with your Piko such as a fedora hat, dangly earrings, and even a simple summer scarf).
5. Plain Piko Wear
Wearing your Piko top simple and plain adds a touch of dainty sweetness to your outfit. Since it is currently the beginning of summer, this is the perfect top to camoflauge a winter waistline as you prepare for your bikini ready body. From our experience in styling Piko tops, we have noticed the plain Piko style is best worn with tight jeggings and wedges. The look is kept classy, as well as comfortable. This essential top is also very perfect for running errands around town. Throw on your favorite yoga pant capris, Chaco's, and this simple Piko top. Your style will be more like "I am very busy, but this Piko top is keeping me stylish and comfy." 
Need more inspiration? Check out our favorite fashion blogger, GalMeetsGlam. 
We love her simple style and sophisticated looks. Also check out HERE and HERE for more cool fashion looks to wear your Piko with! 
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