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Our Favorite Pin-Worthy Items

We are head over heels in love with Pinterest! We could get lost on Pinterest for HOURS.. and we usually do. We have divided our boards into different categories (Dresses, Summer Clothes, Nail Inspiration, Celeb Style, & more) and we want you to be part of the fun! Here, you can check out our most pin-worthy products that you can obsess over just as much as we have! These items are stored in our favorite Pinterest boards, so don't forget to go take a look! 




One of the most important factors to creating a fabulous outfit is making sure there is something special about the piece. This Peek-A-Boo Dress is perfect for its peek-a-boo feature around the waist. With pom-pom detailing and a gorgeous neutral color, this dress can easily be dressed up or dressed down with a few simple touches. In our Dress To Success board, we have compiled a variety of dresses for occasions anywhere from a black-tie event to a family barbeque. This dress fits nicely in between those two, making it perfect for any preppy-casual event such as a baby shower or even a wedding. Pair this gorgeous dress with heels and a statement necklace to get that wow factor. Click on the arrow above to dive straight into our Dress To Success Pinterest board and see what it's all about!





If you've been following us on any of our social media, you have probably noticed this necklace in many of our pictures. The reason we love the Layered Lady Necklace so much is because A. it comes in many colors and B. it is the perfect statement piece to all of your Siloe outfits. We especially love this necklace during the summer because even when you have minimal clothing on (short shorts and a tank top) you can add it for a 'complete' feeling about your outfit. We have placed this item in our Obsessing Over Accessories Pinterest board because duh..we are obsessed with this piece. The Pinterest board contains all of our favorite accessory findings we have came across on Pinterest, along with our favorite accessories from Siloe. Click on the arrow above to check it out! 


Necklace :




I went to a semi-formal outside wedding last month and somehow dressed appropriately. I stood in my walk-in closet for about 45 minutes pondering on what "semi-formal" even meant? That's why we have created this Happily Ever After Pinterest board just for you. This is a lovely Pinterest board you will want to tell all your friends about. It includes all of our favorite wedding pins, ranging anywhere from wedding makeup and hair to engagement picture ideas and wedding outfit ideas. This Knock-Out Dress is not only perfect for an outside wedding, but perfect for a semi-formal event as well. Pair with neutral wedges and bangles to dress up the outfit or dress down by wearing sandals and a cardigan over this gorgeous piece. Click on the arrow above to go straight to our Happily Ever After board!






Thinking of summer usually makes us immediately think of a few things : shorts, sunshine, and a perfect tank top. Having the perfect tank top is crucial during the summer.. you need it to get some sun on those shoulders, and to pair with those diy jean cutoffs you made. Our Summer In The South Tank is perfect for keeping you chic and trendy all summer long. Pair it with a statement necklace to accent the best parts of the tank (like the lace detail towards the bottom). We have placed this gorgeous tank in our Summer Wishin' Pinterest board, full of summer outfit inspiration, summer-y quotes, and all of our favorite warm-weather pieces. Dive into this board by clicking the arrow above!


Tank :

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