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#MYSEARCY: Ready For A Revolution!

#MYSEARCY: Ready For A Revolution!



Siloe Boutique is ecstatic about Searcy being in the running top 10 for Small Business Revolution! This is HUGE and we are absolutely, completely honored! #MySearcy is so special to this community & we are blessed that you have chosen Searcy, AR to be in the top 10! 
As a Small Business, small "wins" equal big impacts. Each and every person in this community, and out {our non-local shoppers} matter! Each person who walks in our door, we are blessed by, just that you chose this small business to shop from. We know every other Small Business here in Searcy feels this way, too! 
Siloe Of Searcy just had our 4 year anniversary last month! Can you believe that?! For the past 4 years, we have happily been serving our small town of Searcy with hand-picked, affordable, up-to-date fashion & it is our PASSION! We are a Family Owned & Christian-Based Boutique and take pride in that. We have so many talented employees, it would take forever to list all of their skills! But just something neat, we have a professional photographer that takes all of our photos for social media & our website. We have a buyer who buys all of our stylish pieces, and we have a talented employee that does in-house custom embroidery, vinyl, and other designs. To say the least, Siloe is BLESSED with every single one of our employees. One of our 2019 goals is to market this BIG world & help #MySearcy grow! 
We have big goals here at Siloe and would love for #MySearcy to be the chosen Small Town - We're Ready For A Revolution!
It is the least Siloe could do, is write this blog to raise awareness about the upcoming visit happening this week! We cannot wait for you to see our town, visit our Small Businesses, and learn more about #MySearcy. We love the people, the "home feeling", and all the Small Businesses here. Small Business support is important and we are happy to come together with all the Small Businesses here and give you a warm welcome! 
Please give this blog a SHARE & help welcome The Small Business Revolution to our Small Town! If you'd like to get involved & attend the Community Wide Welcome Pep-Rally, you can find all the information here!




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