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How To Style For Back To School

How To Style For Back To School

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So today is a huge day for me! No I'm not getting married or having a child, but it's my one year anniversary on being out of school. Trust me, it's extremely rough trying to adult in real life, but I wouldn't return to school for anything, haha!

Now, I know for many it's there first day back. Some are returning to high school, college, or the dreaded middle school. I'm far from my school days (so old at 25) but I remember the anxiety, excitement, and anticipation on returning. As much as I wanted to flaunt my fashion couture, I always went simple and comfortable on my first day. It's like having your best friend at your side. 

So I went simple and easy in this striped dress. It's comfortable, stretchy, figure flattering, and it has pockets. No more lost pencils! This dress is very loose and incredibly soft, which makes for a pleasant experience wearing it. What I really like about this dress is that it's appropriate for any school code: long hem, short sleeves, high V-neck, and loose texture. I paired this dress with blush Keds for a cool girl, feminine look. Keds are amazing first of all. Like super comfortable and durable, plus it adds a pop of color to this very neutral dress. Your'e not a true millennial unless you own something millennial pink, am I right?



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What's your back to school style? Tell us below in the comments!

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