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Stay Cool ~ Here's How!

Stay Cool ~ Here's How!


Now that it's officially summer, it can get pretty hot out! How do you plan on staying cool? Usually we think of having picnics,  lounging by the pool or at the beach, and sipping a cool, refreshing beverage. But hot weather has a miserable side too. Like when the heat and humidity is so intense, it's impossible to be comfortable anywhere! Here are some tips to battle the heat monster!

  1. Wear cotton. Light colors won't absorb the sun like black will. The cotton fabric is breathable and great for ventilating throughout your outfit. A tee would be great with a pair of shorts and flip flops. You can always dress an outfit up if you need to by adding a cute necklace and a semi-sheer kimono. Still breathing and all lightweight!
  2. Stay Loose. Less is definitely more when it comes to summertime outfits. Pick a loose, soft cotton shirt and shorts. Better yet, if you're by the water, you can keep cool in a bikini and coverup. Sunglasses will help keep the reflective rays out of your eyes. Drink plenty of water in a big double lined cup!
  3. Target your pulses! Cool off super fast by applying ice packs to pulse points on your body. These include wrists, neck, elbows, ankles, and behind the knees. Also, your toes have many pulse points in them so dunking them in the river of pool will really help cool you down. Wearing shorts and a tank top will allow you to reach all of these pulse points!
  4. Eat cold fruits and salads and stay away from cooking on the stove. BBQs are a fun and perfect way to spend a summer night. You can keep cool by not cooking in an enclosed space as the kitchen yet wear a cute and cool outfit. A romper with sandals is a great fashionable look for any function.

Spend each summer day looking amazing and keeping cool with these great tips!


Enjoy Cucumber Punch to keep cool!


In a punch bowl, stir together the water, ice, lemonade powder and grape juice concentrate. Float slices of lemon and cucumber on top. Cheers!

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