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Summer To Do's

Summer To Do's

Schools just around the corner and summer will be over as soon as you know it! What activities should you make sure you do this summer before the kiddos are all back on a schedule running to and from sports, doing homework, and are back to the grind?


Family fun comes in all types! When is the last time you ran through a sprinkler? Throw on a swimsuit and be refreshed by the cold water from your garden hose! It's fun, free, and will make you laugh. When you've had enough, you can wrap yourself in a coverup, put on your shades, and sit back and enjoy watching your kids continue to laugh and play! Feeling cool and relaxed, you'll wonder why you didn't do this sooner!

Go to a baseball game. Take the family and enjoy an outdoor game, eat a hotdog and drink a soda! Bring your mitt just in case! Sporting a pair of Baseball Keds shoes will help you look the part! Super cute with a pair of denim shorts and a cute tank! Sunglasses are a must and you'll want to ensure you incorporate the team colors!

Have a picnic with a date - could be with your hubby, best friend, or a relative! Wear something cute like a sleeveless pocket dress with a straw hat if you're on a date! Pair it with some sandals and a long necklace. Pack some southern goods such as a koozie to help keep your drink cold! Have your picnic location on the waterfront of a river or lake and skip some rocks!


Take a bike ride in a park! You can do this by yourself or with the family! A pair of Keds with a skinny pair of denim jeans and a graphic tee is perfect for this outing!



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