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June 23, 2017







Summer is officially here guys, and it's frying! Up here in Northeast Arkansas we have it pretty lucky: no humidity, no 120 degrees, lots of lakes and shades, and cool breezes. But still guys, it's too dang HAWT! I don't want to leave my house unless I'm wearing the coolest of cool clothing. 

Thankfully, I found the perfect summer outfit that I won't bake in.  Now an all white ensemble might seem pretty scary.  I hear it all the time.  "It'll make me look fat!" "I'll get stains all over myself!" "White on white does NOT look good!"  Guys, these are all LIES! White will not make you look fat, keep a white cleaning pen on you (trust me), and I can assure you white on white looks fab together.

Below I've listed the four must haves you need for this summer: white skinny denim, breezy white top, bright tassel earrings, and sandal heels. 

What I love about this off shoulder top is how loose and breezy it is! My skin can breathe, and I love the intricate lace details. These pants hug my body in all the right places, and it covers and smooths out all the lumps, haha! Need another reason. White reflects light, therefore it won't absorb the harsh heat from any sunlight, keeping your skin cool, and white bounces light on your face giving you a youthful flush. 




I love the pop of color I get with these pink tassel earrings. They're so lightweight and girly, plus they come in grey and mint. 

The heels, believe it or not, are super comfortable. It adds a little something to this summer outfit without sacrificing the comfort, and the heels are a moderate height.



So keep an abundant of white apparel on you. Your skin will thank you this summer! Plus, white looks great on everybody, and don't believe all the negative hype about white. 

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Tell us below in the comments your four must haves to survive the summer!

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