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Cozy Up In Style

January 08, 2016

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Have you been feeling like wearing your oldest sweats or bathrobe and curl up on the couch this time of year just to feel cozy? I totally understand.

You don't have wear your tattered, yet favorite treasures to feel this way. In fact, you can feel cozy all day and look trendy and adorable head to toe. An over sized top is a great shirt to start any layer with. It's soft, lightweight, and comfortable and comes in so many colors. This feels better than any old sweatshirt! Top your over sized top with a soft shawl. This keeps you warm and adds texture to your look. You can wear this combo with leggings, jeggings, or jeans.

Add a C.C. Beanie for color and added warmth and style. And - you won't have to worry about a bad hair day (as if you were in your home with those ratty sweats on!). Add a necklace or bracelet for accessories and you won't even realize you're wearing them...but others will!

Any leggings or jeggings will compliment this style of comfort. They're stretchy and can be fleece lined. They come in many colors. Add some canvas sneakers to your outfit and "POOF" - you look amazing! And you're cozy whether you're staying in or going out. If you happen to go out, don't forget your trendy handbag! Never can have too many accessories!

So get COZY - but in STYLE!

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[Pictures by Nancy]

[purchase entire outfit here]

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