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Chic in Pink!


I used to not like the color pink. Now - it's trendy and there's so many shades of pink! Blush, watermelon, flamingo, fuscia, punch, rose, and the list goes on. And there's just as many types of pink dresses to choose from! Fabric types, textures, and cuts. Rounded hems like the one above. You can look soft and welcoming with a warm personality. You seam approachable yet classy.

Accessories take your pink to chic! Necklaces and bracelets add some glitz and a floppy hat adds class and sophistication. Now don't be afraid of the floppy hat! You can pull it off! The benefits of it keep your face from sun damage, hides a bad hair day, turns a basic outfit up to extraordinary, and just keeps people wondering if you're some sort of movie star they're suppose to recognize (since the hat looks amazing with sunglasses also)! The right pair of shoes can really dress it up or take it down a notch, depending on the occasion. Adding a corresponding handbag is a nice touch!

012816-37_grande.jpg  012816-51_grande.jpg

[Patched Elbow Twirl & Go Dress]                [Bamboo Shift Pocket Dress with straw hat]

010816-29_grande.jpg  012816-15_grande.jpg

[Pretty in Pink David Jones Handbag]            [Flavorful Floral Trapeze Dress]



1 (46 oz.) can pineapple juice
1 (12 oz.) can frozen pink lemonade
2 1/2 cups water
1 quart strawberry or mixed berry sherbet
3 Liters (1 1/2 bottles) Ginger Ale

In a large punch bowl, stir together the pineapple juice, pink lemonade, & water.  Add in the sherbet and allow to melt in the bowl.  Once melted, stir to combine. I mixed this together approximately 1 hour before the party and it was good to go by party time.

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