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The Perfect Selfie

Well if you're like me, I can't take a good selfie to save my life! I look older, fatter, and just ugly! I've some tips to share with you so you can get the best selfie possible! (I'm also going to master these techniques!)

010716-27 (2).jpg

First, turn your head at an angle. Simple right? This highlights your cheekbones while making your eyes look bigger. You're already looking more adorable!

#2: Find the perfect lighting. Standing by a window or going outside for the natural light  is best. This makes your skin glow and your hair shine. 

#3: Wear a stunning favorite bold lipstick. This will make a focal point on your face and take your selfie up a notch.

#4:Need light? No problem. Add some highlights on your cheeks, nose and forehead to give your skin an amazing glow.

#5: Create a signature pose. Feeling great makes you look great! You can be styled in jeans and a cute top with some Toms, or a darling dress with a great necklace and a floppy hat. Whatever your wearing, you can still have style when posing!

#6: Find the wind. If you're outdoors, find a light breeze to add movement to your photo. Light and carefree look adding to your stylish bold lip beauty!

#7: Play with your filters. Give yourself a warm look by adding a filter or a light Ora around your frame to add softness. 

#8: Hold the camera above your head. This diminishes any double chin (trust me!). This also gives you an opportunity to show off your cute outfit! A great shirt, cute accessories, and amazing jeans! Who wouldn't want to see that? 

#9: Have fun! Be silly and give them something to smile at! Everyone loves a silly girl! 

#10: Don't over edit your photo. You want it to look like you! Show a variety of selfies. Shopping while carrying a cool handbag, or lounging around in the park wearing plaid and a vest. Just have fun! 

[photo by Nancy]

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