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Beauty & Love!


Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes! Inside and out. This Valentines Day, I'm wishful for you to love yourself inside as well as out. Both are important. Looking great helps you feel great! Below is my favorite You-Tube video by Dove. It's truly one to watch for inner beauty! We are ALL beautiful! Fashion tips are always helpful too! 

What do you see in the mirror? I see beauty. Everyone has it. Dress it up, make it sparkle, show it some love. Whether you want a romantic look with the above Ruffle Dress, or a more casual look with a pocket dress, you'll look stunning. With the right shoes and accessories, you can have a look for any occasion. Be bold with bright colored tops, or be soft with a pink dress. Jeans are great to dress up with a tee and long necklace. Whatever your mood, beauty is there. 

My favorite look this season is a pocket dress with a layered look. You can pair a plain or striped pocket dress with a cardigan vest (fur or fleece). I love a long necklace with just about anything to add some color. Or be bold with a collar necklace. The pocket dress is so versatile. You can wear leggings underneath or without. Booties, boots, or heels all look great with it. A floppy hat to add some sass and class. With so many options, it's the one I go for. Get creative and know you are beautiful! Happy Valentines Day to you all! Love yourself! 


One of the BEST videos on beauty I've ever seen and it's for all ages! Very inspiring! Enjoy!


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