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Rain, Rain, Go Away - Or NOT!

Rain, Rain, Go Away - Or NOT!

Is it raining? I hadn't notice. I'm wearing a cute rain jacket. It protects me from the wind and rain. You don't know when you need a rain jacket until you're stuck out in the rain! They're lightweight, sensible, yet fashionable! Easily pairs with jeans and a pair of Keds. You can wear it with any pattern top - floral or striped. They come in fashionable colors and almost everyone needs one!

Though there are many types of rain jackets - for extreme hiking or outdoor activities - but this one is for daily wear. Comfortable and versatile. You can add accessories such as jewelry and a cool handbag. So grab a fun color and match your shoes and top for a cute look. 

Stay dry in these cool jackets!

~ Photos by Nancy ~ 

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  • suresh lukhi

    hey ,,,
    wow it’s so awesome photograph,I’m so beautiful picture,Thanks dear for sharing…

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