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Monogram Your Heart Out

Monogram Your Heart Out

How far back is tradition? Monogramming goes way back to Ancient Greece where the coins had one or two letters of the city's name. Monogramming has come a long way and is a style. It doesn't have to be JUST a status symbol. A monogram tells a story of who you are and your individual style. Besides that, it does wonderful things to your wardrobe and other items such as linens, silverware, stationery, and handbags.

A monogram consists of a person's initials — usually a variation on the first,
middle, and last name. Tell your story in your monogram. Monograms come in a variety of letter styles. Location is the next decision - where on the item do I put it? If you're monogramming a dress, I would suggest placing it on the bottom left front of  the dress. A handbag is another great item to personalize - location in the middle. Rain jackets, vests, and sweatshirts can carry a monogram on the hood, front chest area, on a pocket, or on the right of left front bottom depending on the cut and style of the garment. 

If you're acronym crazy or a social media guru, you can monogram what you want (e.g., "XOXO" for hugs and kisses or "DWBH:" for Don't Worry Be Happy - or whatever your heart desires.)

Be you. Tell the story you style! 

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