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Neutrals: A New Take!

Neutrals: A New Take!

 Going neutral with your look may seem boring until you see how incredibly versatile, stylish and complimentary it is on you! Neutral colors match with all colors and color combinations. For example, navy (where would we be without denim?), cream, camel, olive, silver, and gold go with anything. You will need shoes in these neutral colors as well - especially black, brown, & tan. These are all staples to your closet! 

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Neutral colors are found in dresses, tops, pants, and shoes mostly. You add color to your look with a necklace, handbag, or other accessory. Another way to add color is to drape yourself with a patterned kimono

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Neutrals are great for various occasions and they're always easy to style. Use these warm tones as outfit multipliers. It's much easier to put outfits together.

These are an all-year investment and this is where a lot of your clothing budget should be spent. These items are classy and last a long while as they are timeless. 



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