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4 Ways To Wear Plaid!

4 Ways To Wear Plaid!


Plaid is a staple item you should always have in your closet. Whether it's a scarf or a shirt, you should have multiple colors in it. You can layer with it, add it to an outfit as an accessory, or make it shine as the focal point of your look. How? Here's the top 4 ways to wear a plaid shirt.

  1. SHINE, SHINE, SHINE: Make the plaid the focal point of your outfit. Pair with denim and some booties or Keds, a plaid top worn with the sleeves rolled up or left down, is always a great look! You can add a hat - ball cap or floppy hat - to dress it up or down. Leave it open and add a necklace or button it up.


2. ACCESSORIZE! Use a plaid shirt as an accessory! Love this look with a long or short sleeve solid colored dress. Tie the plaid shirt around it for added appeal! Booties would be great with this along with a necklace! This look is comfortable yet appropriate for any outing!


3. LAYER UP! Plaid is a great color combo to pair with a graphic tee underneath and a vest layer on top! You're now prepared for whatever the day throws at you since you can shed a couple layers if needed! This is a great look with any denim. Love the layered look!


4. WRAP YOURSELF! Add a plaid shirt as a cardigan look over a dress! This gives you a comfortable look and is a fun way to add color to your outfit. Pair with a cut pair of riding boots or booties. Use those summer dresses into the Fall by adding a splash of plaid!


Now you have NO excuses to not add plaid to your life! Plaid adds several different looks and styles to any outfit!

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