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A Bridal Shower and Coffee |  A Siloe Special

A Bridal Shower and Coffee | A Siloe Special

So Friday was a pretty special day. Lets just say we had yummy brownies, beautifully wrapped gifts, and coffee. Lots of coffee. First, before we go into anymore details, lets back up so we can understand what's going on. 
One of our dear Siloe Girls, Kate, is engaged. She met her fiancee two years ago by fate, or Instagram but same thing. Now her beloved just entered the U.S from Mexico, and she can't stop swooning here at work!  
 So fast forward Friday, we decided at the very last minute to throw our Kate a surprise bridal shower at the Pinto Cafe.  Needless to say, she was surprised! We showered her in kitchen appliances, silverware, home decor, and more goodies. While Kate indulged herself in her new gifts, we indulged ourselves with the Pinto's mouthwatering brownies (yummy!), burritos, and scones. Did I mention they have coffee? Lots and lots of coffee. I'm not saying I'm a coffee addict, but I'm saying they have wonderful coffee and teas!
We wish our dear Kate all the happiness and joy in the world for her new life! 
Need a place to hold a party or shower, or just have coffee? Try the Pinto Comida and Coffee! They went above and beyond to help us out with great smiles. I highly recommend them for anything. 
Come by the shop and wish Kate a happy new life or find us on our Facebook and let her know there!
Can you give us some good marriage advice for all upcoming brides? Comment below your marriage wisdom!
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