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Back To School Style

Back To School Style

Back to school is almost here guys, and that means new trends and back to school wardrobe. It doesn't matter if your are starting up high school, college, or just a new phase in life, this outfit will give the kick you need. 

Embroidered peasant tops are such a huge trend right now inspired by the Mexican culture, and I'm loving all of it. This embroidered top really appeals to me because it's such a great, vibrant red and a perfect transitional piece. I can wear it with shorts to the lake or wear it with jeans to work. The fabric is so lightweight and delicate, and the embroidered flowers are just gorgeous. 

So these jeans are great guys. They really are. They stay hug your body nicely without losing form throughout the day. Don't you hate it when your jeans get really loose and awkward by the end of the day? 



I am so excited for the HUGE back to school collection we have arriving! Check out our Facebook & Instagram for news and inspiration.

What's your go back to school style? Tell us below in the comments!

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