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What's In My Summer Bag?

What's In My Summer Bag?

Believe it or not Fall is just around the corner, no! But don't fret! We're still in the middle of JULY. That means we still have plenty of time for summer vacations, beaches, and 90 degree sunshine, hallelujah!
Since it's still summer, I want to go over something that's vital for the summer travels: what's in my summer bag.
It's extremely important to have a proper bag set up ahead of time with the necessities for any road trip. What I love about these items are how useful and light they are without breaking the bank.
So first you need a bag, a big bag. I prefer a floppy, neutral tote bag because it's perfect to hold lots of items. I can even use this for a diaper bag or a small suitcase. I love the faux leather because it's easy to clean and it looks professional for any environment. 
So these sandals are just too cute! I'm in love with the gladiator style and faux leather. They are perfect for the beach to walk on the sand or dress up with a maxi dress for a date night. They are super comfortable and fit true to size. 
Okay, so this is just an obvious one. It's summer ya'll. Wear good sunglasses to protect your eyes from harsh UV Rays. These cute glasses are perfect because they offer UV Ray protection, and they are a cute rose gold color. Plus, they fit me nearly all heads perfectly!
So I love my hand lotion, and I can't leave it behind guys. It smells fantastic (no need for perfumes), it's not greasy, and it's nearly all natural and cruelty free! It's a 4oz so I can fit it snuggly in my travel bag. This lotion also has different scents as well.
I am a natural writer and marketing manager which means that when inspiration hits, I need something to write it on. I love writing down my feelings and scenery when I vacay, and this travel size spiral journal is just the thing. I love the design and how cute it is. 
Just because your'e on vacation doesn't mean you get to slack off on your makeup and beauty regime. I love this little mirror because it's cute and durable. I can check my makeup or my teeth anytime with this little mirror on hand. It will change your life y'all.
Need anymore ideas for a cute travel bag? Check out ideas on our Pinterest & Facebook for your vacay ready bag.
So what's your go to bag for the summer? Tell us below in the comments!
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