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How To Layer Necklaces Like A Pro

How To Layer Necklaces Like A Pro


{Simple Ruffle Top | Purple | 28.99}


{Sweet Ruffled Top | Blue | $26.99}


{Gauzy Lace Top | $34.99}


{Knot In The Mood Top | $29.99}

If you are an accessory kind of gal then you will be just as ecstatic about this spring trend as I am. I mean who wouldn’t! Layered necklaces, like, come on! Not only is it original but it’s super creative and fun to wear. It takes your average necklaces to an out of this galaxy level.

Now I bet you are wondering (I sure was!) how in the world do I wear layered necklaces! Do I buy individual necklaces, do I buy them in a set, how do I layer them, how can I wear it? Ladies, calm down, I will answer all these questions for you right here in three little steps.

Step 1: First necklace

This is probably the simplest of the steps. All you need is to first put on one simple, dainty necklace. Shorter the better. Even a choker would work. You can use any type of metal or color. It's all about your taste. I prefer to use a gold bar necklace for my first necklace. 

Step 2: Second necklace

Now it's time for the second necklace. All you need is to find another necklace, preferably one that compliments the first, that is an inch or two longer than the first necklace. I will use a colorful druzy necklace for a pop of color and elegance. Again, your second necklace can be any color or metal, as long as it is spaced out well and compliments the first. 

Step 3: Third necklace

They say three times is the charm, and I whole heartily agree. The third necklace should be even longer than the second necklace. Again, think of spacing. Now I am going to use a stone necklace for my third. It compliments the first two very well. You can play around and use heavy stone necklaces or still keep to the simple dainty chains. 


There you have it! The fun thing about layering is there are no rules. Layer chunky, dainty, pearls, rhinestones, or whatever! Play around and have fun.  Just know how to space it well, and it's best to wear a low V-neckline or off shoulder top to accentuate the neck and bring attention to your necklaces. Not a fan of showing off your shoulders or too much skin, then a high mock neck top or scoop neckline would even work.   

Want another secret on how to layer necklaces super easy? Buy them altogether. That's right! You can actually buy necklaces that are already layered together. Easy right? Here's a few below that you can buy already layered.

{Stone Layered Necklace | White| $18.99}


{Natural Stone Coiled Linked Necklace | Rose Quartz| $25.99}


{Faith Pendant Layered Necklace | $15.99}


Now that you are a master of layering necklaces, you can check out even more ideas on layering necklaces on our Pinterest and Wanelo pages. 

Now layered necklaces aren't the only big trends this season. If you want to check out what else is in style, read out Spring Into The New Season blog

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So what is your favorite way to layer necklaces, and what do you think of layered necklaces? Tell us below in the comments!

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