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How To Wear Graphic Tees As An Adult

How To Wear Graphic Tees As An Adult

High school was such a great time: ripped jeans, rocker graphic tees, worn converse shoes, and crazy colored hair. I'm pretty sure in high school I owned every possible rocker graphic tee I could get my hands on! I just loved how comfortable they were and how they displayed my personality. 

I still love graphic tees! I still love how comfortable they are and how they show my quirkiness. The only problem is I'm an adult now in the working world. Wearing graphic tees and distressed jeans are not so appropriate anymore for someone my age, but I love them so much!

What can I do?

Well, thankfully, I did my research on the latest celebrity and runway fashion, and graphic tees are one of the hottest trends right now for adults! After spending countless hours on celebrity fashion and research, I managed to put together a short list below on how to wear them as an adult. Read up and see how you can still rock this nostalgic tee.

1. Sheik Mama

{#MomLife Graphic Tee | $32.99: City Tulle Skirt | $38.99}

This outfit is perfection! This graphic tee is perfect for my moms out there, and by simply adding a pink tulle skirt and classic heels it gives this outfit a city sleek feel. Play around with tulle skirts, or any skirt. Adding skirts gives any graphic tee a girly feel. 


2. City Chic

 {Bless This Mess Tee | $32.99: Pink Modern Moto Jacket | $48.99: Dakota Distressed Skinny Jeans | $42.99: Qupid Distressed Slip On Booties | $44.99}

What I love about this outfit is the city vibe I get from looking at it. I feel like I need to strut this outfit in New York City! Adding a moto jacket and skinny denim adds sophistication to an outfit.  In fact, even a leather jacket will look fabulous. You'll look like an actual adult! 


3. Spring Queen

{Thankful Tee | $32.99: Floral Maxi Short Skirt | $46.99 }

Hello spring queen! So this outfit is so cheerful and feminine with the florals and heels. By adding a floral maxi short skirt and heels this became the perfect date outfit! Just tie up your graphic tee and bam! Play around with other maxi skirts or even floral pants, and tying up your tee will define your waist. 


4. Hiking Gal

    {Undending Love Tee | $32.99: Denim Button Up Slit Back Top | $39.99: Dark Denim Shorts | $32.99: Mayari Soft Oiled Birkenstocks;Black | $94.99}

This outfit is perfect for hiking, or spending time outdoors! Adding a button up denim top and birkenstocks to a graphic tee really gives it a casual vibe. Even adding skinny denim pants and Ked shoes would be cute! And I love how the graphic tee adds a  little something extra to this otherwise plain outfit. Hike in style!


5.Boho Gypsy

   {Nope Not Today Graphic Tee | $34.00: Bohemian Paisley Cardigan | $34.99: Destroyed Denim Shorts | $44.99}

 I'm a gypsy at heart so this outfit speaks to me on a personal level. Adding a kimono of any type adds a feminine flair to a graphic tee. It's a basic go to! Even adding skinny denim and heels would look adorbs with this outfit. It's all what's comfortable to you, but doesn't this outfit get you excited for festival season?!


So there you have it! Of course there are BILLIONS of ways to dress up or wear a graphic tee as an adult. It's all about playing around and having fun. Express yourself ladies!

Did I also mention that graphic tees are a huge trend this season? There are many more trends you need to learn about! Check out our Spring Into the New Season blog for the best trends. 

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Comment below and tell us your favorite way to wear a graphic tee!

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