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March 24, 2017

Get your closet ready for an explosion of fresh floral designs this upcoming season as we leave behind the dull winter cold and enter into the bright spring sunshine (thank you Lord Jesus!). I know I need to do some spring cleaning on my own closet in order to get it ready for all the beautiful floral clothes I'm going to pack in there. 

It’s no secret that floral patterns have earned its way to become one of the best and most trending fashion statements this spring season thanks to the New York Fashion Week 2017 (plus spring = blooming flowers), and now it’s your time to invest in this beautiful trend. It doesn't matter if you prefer a bold edgy look or a more feminine simple look, there's a way to wear floral print for all types.

You can find floral prints on dresses, skirts, tops, pants, shoes, and well everywhere! Below are some of my favorite looks on wearing florals in a fresh way. 

1. Subtle Yet Feminine

{Tea Party Dress: $36.99/Not Rated Ankle Lace Up Heels: $64.99}


2. Basic Everyday and Comfortable

{Feminine Floral Top: $24.99/ / Dear John Distressed Skinny Jeans: $78.99/ Arizona Soft Oiled Birkenstocks: $129.99}


3. Bold and Feminine

{Floral Garden Top: $44.99/ Los Angeles Distressed Jeans: $42.99/ Los Angeles Heels: $58.99}


4. Dainty and Dressy

{Bohemian Floral Dress: $39.99/ Liliana Strappy Heel: $46.99}


5. Fun and Casual

{Floral Striped Top: $26.99/ Los Angeles Light Skinny Denim: $38.99Los Angeles Heels: $58.99}


6. Southern and Sweet

{Sweet Rose Kimono: $32.99/ Dear John Vintage Tops|Pink: $32.99/ Los Angeles Distressed Skinny Denim: $42.99/ Not Rated Chunky Heels: $54.99}


Did I also mention that floral prints are a HUGE trend this season? To read more about the spring trends check out our Spring Into The New Season Blog. It will tell you everything you need to know to stay on top of the trends, and you can even check out and shop our Spring Arrivals Online.

To find more floral ideas check out our Pinterest and Wanelo page.

Comment below and tell us what you think of floral prints!

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