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4 Tips When Getting Ready For Senior Photos

4 Tips When Getting Ready For Senior Photos

For all my high school and college senior ladies, we know graduation is right around the corner! Congrats! You deserve a pat on the back after all the dedication, tears (so many tears), sleepless nights, and studying you've been doing to reach this point. 

I'm sure you have A LOT on your mind as you prepare for graduation, college, internships, careers, or whatever you need to work. I get it! I was in that position last year for my college senior graduation. Things are hectic to say the least, but you don't need to ignore this one important obstacle_senior photos.  

It doesn't seem that big of a deal, but you have to take in consideration what outfits you'll wear, hairstyles, shoes, makeup, and so much more! Don't fret though! I'm here to help you sort this mess out. Read below for tips on how to make your session easier. 


1. Outfits

This is probably the most important. You'll want to bring several outfits for your session. What you choose to wear is up to you, but make sure it's your favorite outfits that represent who you are. I would recommend bring different types of outfits, especially if you have a certain theme or prop: formal dress, casual plaid, gypsy boho, or whatever you want.  Play around with color, and find the best color for your skin. I personally brought one pair of pants with different tops and shoes, as well as one dress. It made the session so much easier when changing clothes. But in the end it's your photos, your outfits. 



2. Hair

Now this isn't prom. Don't think you have to go out and tease your hair to the heavens with thousands of curls, unless you want to.  Think of natural. What's your typical hairstyle? Do what represents you but have several practices with your hair before the photo session. And DON'T get a new haircut or color the day before. Please don't.  Please wash your hair the day of your session so your hair will be shiny and fluffy, not greasy and oily.  Overall, style your hair to what represents you.



3. Makeup 

Like I mentioned in Hair, don't pile on the heavy foundations, eyelashes, lipsticks, and blush. These photos are to represent who you are, not a fake version of you. I would suggest do your makeup like normal, and bring your makeup with you just in case the photographer asks you to add more. I would suggest to bring a translucent powder. This will take away the extra shine on your face.  Also add a tiny bit more mascara and blush, but not too much! Overall, think of who you are and what you feel comfortable with. 



4. Props

This is the fun part! Now this isn't a requirement by all means, but if you want to add something fun do it! A prop can be anything that you want to add to your photos: balloons, sport's jersey, cut out letters, or whatever you want. Just be sure you know how you want to include your prop, and that you have it on you.  Remember it represents you!  



There you go! The four things to need to consider when getting ready for senior photos.  It's all about preparation and having fun! Another thing to remember_don't let other people's opinion or photographers tips sway you from doing you. If you love jumbled colors or crazy print then wear it! Remember this is all for you. 

Need any outfit ideas for senior photos? Check out our new arrivals online and or pinterest page!

Still looking for a creative and unique photographer for you senior photos? Then I highly suggest Key Moments Photography! They are unique, original, and affordable. Check them out on their facebook page.

Comment below and tell us some of your favorite tips and styles for senior photography!

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