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How to Create 5 Outfits With a Single Top

How to Create 5 Outfits With a Single Top

Do you ever have that problem where you have only a few items in your closet but want more outfits?  I certainly do!  Thankfully, after reading several fashion magazines I've come up with the solution to your problem.

Make the most use out of one item in your closet! I used to have the worst problem about wearing a top once in one way, but through several creative ideas I learned how to wear one top multiple times in multiple ways!  It's like having twice as many outfits without all the fuss of lots of clothes. 

Below I listed a week's worth of outfits using only one top to create each look. I chose this specific top because it's a neutral, and it can go for any look.  Check below!



{Basic Strappy Top | Black: $29.99 | Blush Skinny Denim: $42.99 | Party Suede Heels}

Start your monday off with a little sassy blush to your outfit. Blush pants adds the right amount of feminine and the heels add a little bit of dressiness to an otherwise casual outfit. 



{Basic Strappy Top | Black: $29.99 | Summer Shorts | Cargo: $24.99 | Leather White Keds: $68.99}

So we've made it past the dreaded Mondays and now we are on to Tuesday. Relax and stay casual by pairing this neutral top with a pair of cargo shorts and white shoes. Perfect for nature hikes or casual lunch dates. 



{Basic Strappy Top | Black: $29.99 | Fuchsia Spring Kimono: $44.99 | Dear John Distressed Skinny Jeans: $78.99 | City Suede Heels | Blush: $34.99}

We made it to hump day! Use this lovely Wednesday to dress up your dark top with a bright sheer kimono and pink heels. Perfect to add elegance and brightness. 



{Basic Strappy Top | Black: $29.99 | Kickin' It Back Plaid Top: $36.99 | Dear John Frayed Shorts: $56.99 | Strappy Leather Sandal: $48.99 | Straw Panama Hat: $19.99}

We're so close to Friday! Make it casual Thursday today with a a pair of shorts and a plaid top. Perfect for the beach or a grocery store run. Even better, add a hat to hide messy hair. 




{Basic Strappy Top | Black: $29.99 | Blushing Lace Maxi Skirt: $32.99 | Los Angeles Heels: $58.99}

Friday is here!! Thank you Jesus! Spice up this neutral dark tee with a beautiful blush skirt and heels for the perfect date night or girls' night outfit. 


We have navigated the whole week with multiple outfits and one top! Think of all the possibilities now with your other clothing items.  Get creative, explore, and play around with your closet.  

Need anymore outfit ideas or inspiration then check out our Pinterest and Instagram page. Tell us below in the comments your favorite outfit!

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